Panel Plus Laminate

Perfect Material For Interior Design


The New Innovative Material For Interior Design

Our products are of high quality and environmentally friendly for all users, with a collection of over 300 designs and textures developed by European designers to match your lifestyle and able to be combined with Panel Plus Melamine Faced Panels perfectly.

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Panel Plus Laminate has obtained the certification of EN-438 to ensure the quality of product and meet the performance specifications including resistant to impact, scratching and abrasion, resistant to heat and light, resistant to water steam and chemicals. In addition, it is easy to clean and disinfect, safe for all users.

Moreover, Panel Plus® exceeds the industry’s highest standards for Indoor Air Quality, with UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification for low chemical emissions on laminate products. Resin systems and raw material supply is aligned with the use of low emitting materials.


Nature is back; with a little support from all of us, it can heal itself.

In the name of progress, people have polluted the environment with our industrial wastes, spilled oil into the oceans, dumped garbage into agricultural lands, pumped millions of pollutants into the air, thrown plastic in our surroundings and hunted wildlife to the brink of extinction.

However, with the lockdowns, Earth has shown itself to be very resilient and buoyant; we can breathe the clean air due to reduced traffic, see fishes returning to rivers, hear birds chirping in their natural migration habitats and enjoy trees growing greener.  We can see nature in sync and harmonize with our living if we learn to co-exist.

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At Panel Plus®, our vision is to develop products that are naturally sustainable, curtail deforestation, reduce and recycle waste.  We strive to achieve this by slicing formaldehyde emissions in our products, creating value from recycled materials, extending the life span of products and ensuring strict procedures that eliminate air pollution during production.

Our operation is awarded many certifications to prove our continuous improvement in our quality and care for our surroundings. By partnering with Panel Plus®, you can be assured of partnering with nature in your homes & offices, and support nature in healing itself back to utopia.


Panel Plus Laminate Design Guide Vol. 1
A trendy design guide for your design inspiration. Explore Panel Plus Laminate Design Guide Vol.1 that ready to inspire your design works.

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  • Resistance to Scratch

  • Resistance to Impact

  • Resistance to Steam

  • Resistance to Moisture

  • Antibacterial

  • Flame Retardant