HMR Board (V313) Particle Board

Made of rubberwood chips with a mix of resin that renders special quality, the material is more resistant to moisture than most Particle board or MDF. Green dye is added to differentiate the board from other materials. The material is an ideal choice for the space of high humidity area such as kitchens, bathrooms and sanitary furniture.

Testing of Moisture Resistant Board

  • Panel Plus moisture resistant board is tested using wood quality testing process known as 3 Cyclic Test or V313.
  • The test is done by soaking the moisture resistant board in the water with controlled temperature of 20±1 °C for the extended period of 70±1 hours. The board is then frozen at -12 °C to -25 °C temperature for 24±1 before it proceeds into a subcycle of 70±2 hours at 70±2 °C temperature.
  • This cycle is repeated 3 times. After that they are tested for thickness swelling of wood according to the European Standard.

Standard Size on Particle board

  • 4x8 ft. (1,230 x 2450 mm)
  • 6x8 ft. (1,830 x 2440 mm)

    Thickness on Particle board

    • 9-38 mm


      • HMR (V313)

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