Sustainable Value

Be a part of using sustainable products and maintaining a balanced eco system with Panel Plus, the leading wood substitute manufacturer that conserves the earth throughout its entire process.

Carbon Capture with Rubberwood

The natural properties of rubberwood allow it to capture and absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of up to 1.3 tons per acre per year. The benefits of carbon dioxide extend to both environmental and commercial aspects. Carbon capture helps increase income for farmers through the trading of carbon credits between industries and agriculture, especially those who can capture the lowest amount of carbon dioxide and those who emit the most, and also effectively promotes the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Endless Value

Every part of the rubberwood, including the trunk, branches, and roots, can be used to add value and serve various purposes. The trunk and branches are used for wood substitute materials, while the unwanted roots for most industries are utilized to generate renewable electricity within the Panel Plus Hat Yai factory. The full utilization of all parts of the raw material contributes to reducing waste, which has long-term environmental benefits.

Sustainable Forest Management

Panel Plus rubberwood plantation is managed sustainably under the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards, which oversee every step from planting to the production process and delivery. Rubberwoods are planted in commercial forest areas, and they are cut only when they can no longer produce latex. Customers can be confident that Panel Plus products are not the result of forest deforestation or environmental harm.